Many museums and archives are digitising their collections to improve collections management, enhance public access and to develop e-learning opportunities.

The Trevithick Society has been digitising its collections with grant aid from the Heritage Lottery Fund to promote access and participation and to develop school learning resources.

The project is a great opportunity for the Society to appraise its collections and plan future management but also a great opportunity for volunteers to learn about Cornwall’s industrial heritage whilst making significant contribution to its preservation and promotion.

A small team of volunteers has been photographing objects and scanning documents towards the new website at our Heartlands studio and this work needs to continue beyond this specific project to encourage new people to become involved in the Society and help develop it’s aims and to safeguard it’s collections for future generations.

If you are interested in working on the project by scanning at Heartlands or by enhancing records online please get in touch:

We also set up at the Society’s stall on Trevithick Day 2014 to promote the project!

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