Our autumn publication this year is a reissue of an important standard work which has long been unobtainable. The Great County Adit by Allen Buckley was published by the author in 2000 and for some years even second hand copies have been hard to find. So when Allen approached us about republication we were delighted to take the project on board.

The new edition has been completely revised and extended; a larger page format has enabled us to include a much improved set of maps, new illustrations – many in colour – and a gazetteer of what can be seen along the adit’s course. Although by its nature less obvious to observers, there is no doubt as to the significance of this undertaking, remarkable as an example of co-operation between mine owners who were otherwise keen competitors. The Mining Journal in 1843 called it “the most extensive, valuable and systematic undertaking of its kind in Cornwall – perhaps in England and we believe few in the world exceed it in importance.” Allen Buckley knows more about the adit than anyone and has explored most of it during his working life. This is the history of a work of national importance. The Great County Adit should be on sale in October.

Cornwall’s Fuse Works by Diane Hodnett has recently received excellent reviews in both the Western Morning News and West Briton. It is another contender as a Christmas gift suggestion – or why not treat yourself? Our recent histories of Great Wheal Vor and Wheal Basset are also still available if you missed them.

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