Wheal Basset – 5 Centuries of Mining at Carnkie

Despite their significant place in the story of Cornish mining, the mines of the Great Flat Lode have never received the level of attention accorded to those situated north of Carn Brea. Mining historian Allen Buckley has now remedied a part of this omission in his most welcome coverage of the history Basset Mines. His book begins with fascinating insights into the earliest days of mining in the Carnkie area, progresses through the boom years of the nineteenth century, ending with the valiant struggle for survival of Basset Mines Limited, one of the largest mines ever to work in Cornwall, until its closure in 1918.

As well as a mass of historical information, the book also contains a gazetteer of surviving sites, which will be of great value to those who seek explore an area of industrial archaeology, the equal in interest to any in Cornwall. The Trevithick Society is delighted to publish this volume as part of its mission to cover the remaining gaps in Cornwall’s mining history.

Wheal Basset: Five Centuries of Mining at Carnkie

by Allen Buckley

Softback, 192 pages, price £14.99

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