Lisa Hannaford

The Cornish Diaspora

Lisa Hannaford, student at Cornwall College (in 2015/16).

Pursuing a career within portraiture

This photo shows Lisa with a collection of paintings inspired by old photographs of some of the people from the 18th-19th Century who migrated to distant shores from Cornwall.

In 2015, Lisa was with the Cornwall College Camborne Group involved in making an exhibition with the Royal Cornwall Museum to help strengthen the historical link between Cornwall’s diaspora, the Cornish Engineers & the Families who went out specifically to Mexico (Real Del Monte) in 1830 to help Mexico’s failing silver mining industry to get back on its feet. Lisa hoped to paint a large painting of Mr. Trevithick. We shared some of our specialised knowledge and collection and she was kind enough to send us some photographs of the work in progress.

Artwork Stages

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