The last working treacle mine in Cornwall; located at Barncoose, Redruth (closed 1834) is going to re-open its deep wells after an extensive survey; carried out over the past 2 years by Smoke & Mirrors Geotechnical Services of Luxulyan, Cornwall.

Our reporter talked to the chief geologist Mr. A.P. Rilfool BSc, MSc, PhD who said “The survey has shown that previously undiscovered strata of deep treacle (laid down approximately 140 million years ago after the compression and fossilisation of ancient, naturally occurring Sugar Beets) are very extensive and could provide work for around 70 people once the mine is up and running again. The treacle strata are accompanied by a vein structure of clotted creams with the occasional inclusion of brecciated scones, which; if as extensive as is believed, could provide an extra revenue stream for many years to come!”

We wish them the best of luck in their new endeavours and for the future of Cornish Mining.

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