The Notebook of a Devon Great Consols Mine Captain: 1886 – 1900       by William Woolcock has now been published.
William Woolcock worked at Devon Great Consols during the later years of  the mine’s decline. His notebook has been transcribed by well known Society authors, Rick Stewart and Robert Waterhouse who have also provided a detailed background commentary.
The years covered in the diary find the once great copper mine struggling to survive, mainly through sales of arsenic. This was also the period when Devon Great Consols was engaged in an ultimately fruitless search for tin at depth. Woolcock working at Wheal Emma was much involved in this.
The book is now available from Tormark on the same basis as previous Society publications.
Full details:
Woolcock, William, The Notebook of a Devon Great Consols Mine Captain 1886 – 1900, compiled by R J Stewart & R E Waterhouse, A4 paperback, 68 pages, RRP £11, ISBN 978-0-9935021-6-3.

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